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Kool FM Anguilla

Kool Sounds. Kool People. Kool Vibes

About Us

Founded on January 13, 2000, in the heart of North Side, Anguilla BWI, Kool FM 103.3 is more than just a radio station; it’s the vibrant pulse of our community. Fondly known as ‘The People’s Radio,’ we have stood as a reliable pillar in the Anguillian community for over two decades.

Our journey began with a powerful mission: to create content that uplifts and informs. Today, after more than twenty years, we proudly continue our commitment to bringing Kool vibes to the coolest people in town.

Discover the diversty of our shows and the unwavering dedication to the people of Anguilla. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where every beat echoes the essence of the place we proudly call home.

Find Us Here

Visit our studio located at Cedar Village in the heart of North Side, Anguilla BWI.

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Amplify your reach! Let Kool FM 103.3 broadcast your business, event, or program to our extensive audience. Reach out today to boost your presence and connect with our vibrant community.


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